Importance of tire Treads and how to Check its Depth

It is prudent to ensure that your tires, particularly the treads, have enough tread depth to enhance a firm grip on the road when cruising in a variety of weather conditions. When the treads start to wear out, traction ability reduces and you risk hydroplaning or slipping out in wet road conditions.

During icy and snowy conditions, the vehicle is vulnerable to slide and go off-road. Also, on sunny and warm days, there are high chances of the debris on the road to cause puncture rendering a tire blowout. Fortunately, modern tires are equipped with bar system that is visible when bars of a tire tread flush to enable you realize the tires are bald. Another technique to check tire treads is through using penny test, whereby you place a penny into a tread, and if you can observe the outer silver of a penny, then your tire needs to be replaced.

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