Kitty Litter Can Add Tire Traction in Bad Weather

Traveling in lousy weather is never easy, and the unexpected snow and ice conditions here in St. Joseph, MO are even worse. Those who drive in inclement weather often know to have their car well maintained and ready for the winter, and to pack an emergency kit with bottled water, blankets and flashlights.

You should also include carrying something that will help you get traction if you get stuck in snow or ice. Rock salt works well when it comes to melting snow and ice, but it also has a downside. Not only is rock salt expensive, but it is also extremely corrosive. Sand is another option that has pros and cons. It does help increase traction, but sand is messy, and if you spill it on your car interior or in your trunk, you'll never be able to get it all.

At Car City Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, we recommend buying kitty litter to add to your winter traction prep kit! It will help you get traction, isn't expensive and is easy to clean if spilled inside of your vehicle. Learn more seasonal driving tips from our auto service team soon!

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