Preparing the Kids for Halloween Safety

Ask any kid what their most fun memory they have of last year is. We bet that it will have something to do with Halloween. It’s because that is the day most kids get a holiday to go outdoors at night and have fun with friends.

However, it is still the same night which has many road accidents. Traffic collisions with pedestrians are common on Halloween because so many people are out on the streets after dark, and most of them are wearing dark-colored costumes. It is, therefore, vital to prepare your young child with the essential traffic precautions.

As Halloween approaches, start to train your child the basics of traffic rules. At Car City Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM we emphasize that they should be aware of the following precautions.
• Look left, right and left again. If the road is clear, walk across with your head up.
• One should use the sidewalks or the extreme side of the road.
• Never play in the street.

Such rules will help us in St. Joseph to have a fun Halloween without accidents.
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